Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Hush little baby, don't you cry, you know your daddy's bound to die." old song

Matt Marshall had a heart attack and died at age fifty-one. Shortly before his death, he changed his will so that half of his $105 million dollar estate will go to a daughter he fathered while serving in Vietnam. He had never met this daughter and a condition of the will is that she be found and that she is living in the United States.
Private investigator, Adam Bruno, son of a bookie, is hired to find the woman. However, since Marshall's family stands to lose half of their inheritance, they aren't helpful and Matt's friends remain closed mouthed about his Vietnam days.
Adam is persistent and is finally able to interview Matt's former combat buddies. When he finally gets a lead something stands in his way, some of the people Adam felt could be most helpful, are killed. Adam continues his search but is harassed by Matt's family and lawyers claim that he is not doing his job and should be replaced.
A touching story that was well done. Adam is an easy character to sympathise with, he's honest, determined and an all around good guy.
The conclusion was particularly well done and is a scene that should be on film.

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This one sounds a bit different but really good.
Thanks for stopping by and I'd love you to follow, The Genteel Arsenal is really the only blog I use at the moment, the other one was originally set up to use for a library/information science course. It tends to be a bit of a mixed bag at the Arsenal. Have you tried Fair Dinkum book reviews;
they specialise in mysteries and thrillers and are a great source for new reads. You have a pretty interesting list yourself.

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