Friday, April 30, 2010

"How else but through a broken heart may Lord Christ enter in." Oscar Wilde

Det. Mike Turner is a moral man in a world of lies and deceit. He is transferred to the Internal Affairs Division of the LAPD and is part of a unit pursuing three crocked cops.
Another obstacle for Turner is dealing with his lieutenant. Lt. Metcalf is a man with no street experience who spends most of his time protecting his job and is afraid to make decisions.
Turner is an "everyman" type of person. He's lonely, no wife or current girlfriend when the story begins and he has an older dog who has bladder difficulties but is still his buddy. Turner is also friends and looks out for his elder neighbor, Eddie, who often spends time at Turner's house, taking care of the dog or watching TV and making himself at home.
The story follows the trail of the three dirty cops. It seems that two of them do much of the illegal work and the other is the mastermind.
This is the author, Connie Dial's second novel. She has twenty-seven years of experience in the LAPD to fall back on and uses that experience to make her story realistic.
The dialogue is well done but the characters are not strong. Lt. Metcalf is stereotypical and, Miriam, Turner's old girlfriend who rekindles their relationship, is immature and self centered, a rather unlikable character. Turner, himself, is likable and easy to sympathise with but a bit more into his motivation and internal dilemmas would be an improvement. The author did provide a plot twist that made the story more interesting.

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