Friday, July 9, 2010

"Green, green, I'm going away to where the grass is greener still." Old song.

When Cassie Maltham was age ten, she and her twelve-year-old cousin, Suzie Ashmore decided to take a shortcut home. They went through an old path called The Greenway.
Suddenly, things went strange, Cassie told her friends and she says that she must have lost consciousness and when she awoke, Suzie went missing. She never was seen again.
Cassie has been haunted with this for twenty years. Now she returns with her husband, Fergus and her friends, Anna and Simon. She wants to discover what happened.
Not long after her arrival, another young girl goes missing. This girl is the same age as Suzie was and she is also missing in The Greenway area.
What is the connection between the two girls going missing, twenty years apart?

Detective Inspector Mike Croft leads the investigation and John Tynan, who investigated Suzie's disappearance, comes out of retirement to help.
Cassie does something heroic but her actions were as if she was in a dream or trance. She can't explain it.
The novel does a nice job in describing the area and people. The discriptions are quite vivid. However, the plot was not really believable and would be better suited for the paranormal fiction fan.

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