Sunday, July 11, 2010

"I've never fallen in love with my own voice but I've always had an attraction for it." Tom Snyder

Dr. Dan Ross is a well liked physician in Pittsburgh. He is murdered, leaving behind his bewildered, grief stricken wife, Elizabeth.

Commander Richard Christie is the man investigating Dan's murder. He's most sympathetic and understanding. He asks Elizabeth if she can think if anyone who might have wanted to hurt her husband. Elizabeth thinks for a while and suggests that it might have something to do with Pocusset Safe House, a home for troubled teens that her husband founded.

Across the street from Elizabeth's home, a man has been watching her. Then he notices that the next door neighbors are moving and he gets them to rent their home to him so he can be closer to Elizabeth.

His name is Frank Razzi and he seems strange and possibly deranged. He's a script writer and a part time teacher who spends much time going to his teaching position and back. His background is as a failure and his object in watching Elizabeth seems creepy.

The action is slow in developing and there isn't much drama. I didn't care for Frank and although Elizabeth was grieving, she seemed naive.

Frank has secrets and knows who killed Elizabeth's husband but to spread this thin plot over an entire book was too long.

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