Friday, July 2, 2010

"If you enjoyed a little and endured a lot, you've done pretty well." Unknown Source

Stella Hardesty returns after her adventures in "A Bad Day for Sorry," left her in the hospital.
She had been abused by her husband for years and ended the abuse and Ollie's life. Now, she helps other women get out of abusive situations.
She's having dinner at Sheriff "Goat" Jones' home. The two of them have been building up to a more physical relationship and just as things are looking good, the Sheriff's ex-wife, Brandy, arrives.
Brandy hasn't seen Goat in three years and each claims that the other never got around to signing the divorce papers so they're still legally married.
As this is transpiring, a tornado rips the town and blows over the snack shop at the demolition derby track at the fairgrounds. Under the rubble, they find the mummified body of a woman.
Neb Donovan had been in charge of the stand construction and he becomes the leading suspect. His wife, Donna, hires Stella to look into the case and clear Neb's name. Stella had asked to intervene in the past when Neb had been addicted to Oxycontin. It appeared that Neb's recovery had gone well, until now.
This is another entertaining novel from the author. There are some laugh out loud moments and the author keeps the reader's attention as layers of the puzzle are peeled away and a possible solution is arrived at.
It is refreshing to see a female protagonist who won't be taken for granted and Stella, along with her new associate, Chrissy, show they have a strength to take matters in their own hands.
Great fun.

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