Monday, July 12, 2010

"Never perform card tricks for people you play poker with." Proverb

Armand Gamache and his wife arrive at Manoir Bellechasse, for their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.

They are the ideal guests, not complaining and happy with the room they are given. They are happy to see their old acquaintance the innkeeper Clementine Dubois at the reception desk.

Clementine tells them that the Finneys have taken the other five rooms for a reunion, all arriving in their expensive cars and asking for free upgrades.

The highlight of the Finney's vacation is the unveiling of the statue of Mrs. Finney's first husband, Charles Morrow.

We learn of some of the family antagonisms which come to a point when the statue of Morrow is overturned and beneath the statue is the body of Julia Martin.

As the family is interviewed, we learn more about the petty jealousies and dislikes that the family had for each other. Ironic in that it made me wonder why they agreed to get together.

The author knows her psychology and must have a great knowledge of family intrigue since she does such a fine job describing the Finneys.

A well done mystery with excellent character descriptions and well described setting. I kept trying to guess who the killer might be, only to be surprised.

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Bookventures said...

Mike, you always use the best proverbs. I hope you don't mind me borrowing a few of them

Thanks for sharing your review. This books sounds like something that i might enjoy. I like it when a book keeps me guessing.

Have a great week in reading

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