Thursday, July 29, 2010

"...when a man adds something to the fragment of his life." Laurence Sterne

The Trident is a long range search vessel hired by the reality TV show "Sealife."
A group of scientists land on Hender's Island. They had been heading for Pitcarin Island when they received a distress radio signal and diverted to this remote Island.
The scientists see this out of the way Island as a chance to explore an area that has been isolated for hundreds of years. They are excited when they travel to the shore, accompanied by their cameraman. Their excitement ends when one of the scientists is attacked by a beast with "hippo sized vertical jaws," which kills the scientist.
The attack was caught on screen and people all over saw it on their TVs. It was a sensation. Many couldn't believe that it was true but it turns out that this was only an example of the creatures that live on the Island. In addition, one creature is deadlier than the next.
The scientists still see this as a historic challenge, a chance to discover something amazing. What they do discover is so startling that it changes their view of everything.
I enjoyed the book and found myself doubting that the scientists could make so many decisions that could and did put their lives on the line. Even when military assistance arrives, the scientists continued to return to the deadly Island.
The book has been compared to a modern "Jurassic Park" and while the decision making was doubtful, the story was enjoyable, just right for a vacation read, hopefully not on an Island occupied by man eating beasts.

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