Monday, April 15, 2013

A good story and an interesting plot

With the publication of  "Night Moves," it brings back fond memories of being at Doc Ford's Sanibel, Rum Bar Grille, for a rehearsal dinner at a family wedding.

The story takes readers on a literary ride relating to one of the more famous incidents of WWII and brings the mystery of the incident into a new light.

It was during the winter of 1945 that five Navy torpedo bombers disappeared in the Florida region.

Doc Ford and his friend, Tomlinson, accompany a pilot named Dan Futch, in searching for the missing planes. There are complications and someone appears not to want the secret of the missing planes to come to light, while others want to be included in any historic discovery.

While attempting to find the missing Avengers, someone tampers with Futch's plane and they are forced to land in the Florida Everglades.

Why is the event that occurred over sixty years ago so important?

In a suspenseful story, we observe Doc Ford and Tomlinson attempt to get the hidden answers.

The plot mixes history and mystery while Doc tries to explore who sabotaged the plane he was on and to uncover the truth of the missing planes. There is also an interesting side story of a love starved neighbor who seems drawn to every man she meets.

I enjoyed the story and Doc Ford's approach to solving the mystery. Since he lives aboard his boat, there are numerous references to fishing and life of a person living on a marina which I found entertaining.


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