Thursday, April 11, 2013

Look here for good suspense

Journalist McKenna Wright sees footage of a woman rescuing a teenager who had fallen onto the train tracks.

McKenna recognizes the woman as an old friend and former classmate of McKenna's husband at West Point. The woman, Susan Hauptmann, had disappeared nearly ten years ago.

Thinking that this might be a good story of interest to her paper, McKenna begins looking into Susan's disappearance, not realizing that by doing so, she'd be putting herself and her husband in danger.

Also taking her time is a story McKenna was working on about a police killing of a young man and a police officer accused of shooting the man while the man was unarmed.

McKenna becomes paired with Det. Joe Scanlin who feels that he didn't do justice to Susan's disappearance because Scanlin was dealing with a family issue of his wife's battling early Alzheimer's disease at the time.

Alafair Burke has spun a complex plot that moves along nicely with appropriate tension. The last hundred pages of the story were very exciting as parts of McKenna's investigation and the legal case come together in a surprising manner.

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