Sunday, April 28, 2013

This could be the house of the rising sun.

Joe DeMarco is a problem solver for speaker of the house, Congressman John Mahoney. Joe is told by Mahoney to look into the conviction of Brian Kincaid, a lobbyist  for murdering his partner.

The case looks tight against Kincaid but DeMarco begins to unravel it and to learn that Kincaid's conviction was due to a well planned set-up.

Orson Mulray has inherited the family pharmaceutical company and wants to use that to become one of the riches men in the world. He sets up a complicated plan to develop a new drug that will cure a major disease. Instead of going through the normal procedures, he gets with his company attorney, the unscrupulous Fiona West and they begin doing whatever it might take to make their dream a reality. They hire scientists and set up locations in obscure locations in order to experiment on people.They also hire a number of ex-military men to eliminate anyone standing in their way.

Joe DeMarco is relentless in his pursuit of answers. He's helped by a friend named Emma, who had been diagnosed with cancer but has been told she is now cancer free.

The novel is skillfully written. It also provides a deep and insightful look at the pharmaceutical industry and the steps someone might take for financial gain.

The well crafted novel will hold the reader's attention from the first page and deserves to be included in the lists of best thrillers of the year.


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