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"Crime and Privilege" tells the story of a middle class man involved in the world of the rich and influential. These people seem to feel that they can buy their way out of any difficult situation.

Not feeling wealthy like his friends, George Becket appears to be in awe of them.

The book opens with George at a party in the Palm Beach mansion of Senator Gregory of Massachusetts. George is with two college aged friends who offer to show an intoxicated co-ed the mansion. Upstairs, the two members of the Gregory family have sexual relations with the barely conscious woman.

George is in a moral dilemma about the wrongness of the situation and his friend's actions but doesn't want to create any hard feelings. Eventually, he's had enough and stops further assault on the woman.

Later, he's visited by a member of the co-ed's family. They want him to testify about the rape. When he tells the man that it appeared consensual, the man tells George that the woman's father is very wealthy and will ruin his life unless he testifies.

Years later, George is a lowly DA in Cape Cod. He's housed in the basement of the DA's office and takes the least prestigious cases. He's approached by a man looking for help with the investigation of his daughter's murder almost nine years previously. The coincidence is that this also involves the Gregory family.

George reluctantly takes action but his investigation begins in a half hearted manner.

The story is well told and the writing literary as we see George become more convinced in his actions and willing to take on the family and its wealth.

George is somewhat interesting but a weak character. I felt that the story was enjoyable but a bit too lengthy. George traveled around the world to get answers and this seemed to lessen the tension.

Walter Walker is a fine writer and I look forward to reading more by him in the future.

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Cape Cod? That piques my interest as you know it would! However, it doesn't seem like you cared for this one too much, not like the others on your site. You write a compelling review.
Thanks for that!

Hope you are well!

Michael Draper said...

Thanks, Heather. I liked parts of the story but did feel that the main character was wishy washy.

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