Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Bad boy, Bad boy, what you gonna do." Song lyrics

A woman comes to the police department requesting Det. Inspector Alan Banks. She's a former neighbor of Banks and wants to report that she found a gun in her daughter's room.

Since Banks is on vacation in America, his partner, Annie Christie, takes the case. She reports the crime and a group of firearms authorized police go to the woman's home. Unfortunately, there is an incident at the home.

Banks's daughter, Tracy, heard about the incident and went to ward the girl's boyfriend, Jaff and in so doing, becomes part of the situation. He tells Tracy that he has to hide out and she takes him to her father's house since she knew her father was away.

The author takes us through the steps of the investigation as we follow the history of the gun and learn more about Jaff who is holding something for a bigger criminal and he is in danger from this man and the man's enforcers.

The story is well done with sufficient tension to maintain the reader's interest. There are some good surprises and overall they combine for an enjoyable reading experience.


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