Friday, October 18, 2013

A Ferry nice mystery

"The Sound and the Furry" is a new mystery with private investigator Bernie Little and his intelligent canine partner, Chet.

The story is set in the bayou area of Louisiana. Bernie is asked to find the missing brother of a man he, Bernie, helped put in jail. The brother is as straight as an arrow. He's the one good thing in the mixed-up family but now he's missing and the family fears the worst.

When Bernie and his partner arrive in this town outside of New Orleans, we also find that there is a type of clan war between that family and another which dates back to the Civil War or before.

This is a closed family and the reader is made aware of the struggles with shrimp fishing and dealing with the rival family.

There is also the fact of dead birds being found on the bayou and the new oil platform getting ready to go into production.

The book gives a good look at the backwards community, their politics, their love of music and the corruption existing around them.

Bernie is an interesting and unique private investigator who is smart and has integrity. What makes the story different is Chet, the canine, interpreting what action is taking place and Chet's ability to understand people.

I enjoyed the story and the characters. The conclusion was appropriate and I look forward to more adventures of the Little Detective Agency.

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