Monday, October 21, 2013

Left me hanging

This was my first experience with reading a Matt Hilton novel and the suspense was breathtaking. However, there is such a reliance on the evil of the villain, Tubal Cain, a.k.a. Martin Maxwell, a.k.a. The Harvestman, that I had a feeling that he would be like Freddy Krueger of the Halloween movies and somehow survive. His character also reminded me of Hannibal Lecter.

The writing was crisp but the dialogue seemed done before and it was difficult to see the difference between characters since they all had a similar speech pattern.

The central character, Joe Hunter, was likened to Jack Reacher on the jacket cover  but I failed to see the resemblance. Hunter is a much more flawed character, his reflexes are sometimes less than what a reader would expect and he seemed gullible at times. Reacher is the ultimate professional.

I enjoy reading thrillers but the group of evil men in this book were unintelligent and foolish in much of their behavior in leaving themselves open to attack and failure to anticipate consequences.

Up to the conclusion, the plot did get my attention but the conclusion was disappointing.


Harvee said...

I have this experience many times, when I really like the beginning and even the middle but get bogged down toward the end of the book, either because the plot dragged or didn't live up to expectations.

I have liked several women authors of mysteries - Louise Penny, Tana French, Deborah Crombie. They did not disappoint in either plot, characters, or ending.

Have a very good fall and winter reading!

Michael Draper said...

Hi Harvee,
Thanks for your comments and suggestion on authors.
It is ironic when a reviewer gives an honest opinion on some of the web sites, then the disagreements begin.
PS I have read Louise Penny and certainly agree with your assessment.

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