Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wonderful descriptions of Vermont and Hurricane Irene

This is an excellent book that I can't say enough about.

Having gone to college in Vermont, long ago, and lived there for five years, Archer Mayor's depicts the life and area as if I was back in college and experiencing everything first hand.

If the reader is looking for something where characters are getting ready for an approaching disaster, they'll find it in "Three Can Keep a Secret."

As the first part begins, we see that the disaster readiness people are going through but as waters rise, some people begin doing foolish things.

Water causes a cemetery to be upturned and one grave is found with a coffin filled with rocks and not a dead body. This is the first portion of the mystery.

In a side story, the state hospital has patients beginning to be evacuated but one patient walks off on her own. She's a simple woman but knows things about what happened in the state, long ago, and this involves some important people.

The characters are very real and it seems as if the reader is immediately immersed in the history of the state and the storm's effects on the inhabitants.

The conclusion is well written and intelligent. It is something the reader will remember.

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