Friday, October 4, 2013

An early work from one of our masters

In "Heaven's Prisoners" it is easy for the reader to picture the Louisiana landscape and the culture existing in the New Orleans and New Iberia area due to the wonderful writing and descriptions of James Lee Burke.

The characters Burke depicts rise up from the pages and it seems as if the reader is in the same room as they are, or sitting on a edge of a bayou, discussing the body of a young woman whose murdered body has just been found by a poor fisherman.

Dave Robicheaux is one of the most respected and admired detectives in modern mystery novels.  His belief in himself and his fellow men is admirable as is his goal of wanting to do well for the less fortunate.

Dave and his wife Annie are on their boat when a plane crashes into the water. Dave saves a little six-year-old girl who is the only survivor.  Dealing with the saved child and the circumstances in which she was aboard the plane make up much of the story.

There is excellent characterization in a well plotted story with a number of twists and surprises that the reader will never forget.


Ethan said...

Hey Mike! Great to hear from you. I'm especially glad to hear that your treatment is going well. Cancer recently touched close to home when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I'm definitely keeping you in my prayers as well.

On the book front, I really enjoyed Feast Day of Fools and have been meaning to read more from Burke. With my new position at the University of Houston, I've been a little slower with my reading, but it's still nice to be able to escape every once in a while.


Michael Draper said...

Hi Ethan,
Thanks for getting back to me. Good luck with your new position.

Luanne said...

Hi Mike:

Glad to hear the treatment is going well.

Dave Robicheaux is a favourite of mine - I love the settings and atmosphere.

Michael Draper said...

Thanks for stopping by Luanne.
Glad to know we both admire Dave Robicheaux and glad to hear from you.

My tests went well today and Friday begins my new treatment.

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