Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drone Missile Gone Wrong

"Unmanned" tells a story of what could happen to someone who made a mistake and it cost the lives of innocent people.

This psychological novel tells of F1 fighter pilot, Darwin Cole. He's reassigned as a pilot in the Predator Drone Program. One of his missiles is aimed at a residence in Afghan and as soon as Darwin pushes the activate button, he notices a young girl leave the building, running for her life. It's too late to change anything and the next scene is that of destruction and death.  Maybe it's because he has a daughter about the same age as the Afghan girl but Darwin becomes haunted by his act.

He turns to alcohol and becomes a drunk. He's discharged from the Air Force and, after his wife and children leave him, he's living in a trailer in the Nevada desert.

A reporter arrives at his trailer and convinces him to join her and two other journalists. They are trying to find the man who ordered the drone strike and write a story. Cole remembers that the man termed it a HVT, high value target.

He agrees to join the journalists and attempts to get information about the missing  man. Cole speaks to a retired CIA agent and a man from the Pentagon who agrees to be a source. However, he's being hunted by a man assigned to find him and when he does, Cole's fate will be decided.

Generally, in a thriller I look for suspense, good action and drama. Although I enjoy the writing of Dan Fesperman and enjoyed his award winning book, "The Prisoner of Guantanamo," I feel that this book didn't measure up to his past work in the areas of suspense, action and drama.

I do look forward to reading future books by Fesperman.

I received this book in return for an honest review.


Kelly said...

It sounds like such a timely story. A shame it didn't quite live up to your expectations.

Michael Draper said...

Thanks, Kelly. I've had a nice run of stories that I really enjoyed so I guess the odds were that I'd have something that just didn't grab me.

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