Thursday, July 24, 2014

"If I held you any closer, I'd be on the other side of you.' Groucho Marx

This complex mystery has multiple story lines.

One part of the story deals with a horror movie being shot in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Someone is imitating the film by murdering people and leaving them in the same pose as a murdered victim in the film.

DS Logan McRae investigates while his department is also investigating what's going on with rival gangs in a turf war.  Gangbangers are showing up at the hospital badly beaten and with broken knees.

One other aspect has a gangster, Wee Hamish, who is a long time semi-friend of Logan. He's very ill and wants Logan to be his executor and to take over his business. One of his thugs is also in the running for this spot and makes his desire known by breaking Logan's nose.

The large cast of characters who are investigating various crimes made me think of the old TV show, Hill Street Blues. The descriptions in this story are vivid and we get good insight into the characters.

The author also has a colorful writing style, "But it was her hair that really stood out. And up. And in every direction as she'd brushed it with an angry cat."

The story is lengthy and best read at a liesurly pace to appreciate the dialogue and Scottish setting. With the multitude of characters and many nicknames, I became a little bit confused but still enjoyed the story and await the next adventure of Logan McRae.

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