Saturday, July 5, 2014

This is a scary story

This story is scary! I still get nervous when thinking about the murders taking place. The killers were well described and cold blooded; they planned their crimes professionally. As I read the story, it seemed that the victims didn't have a chance. When Lucas Davenport and his unit of Minnesota Criminal Apprehension arrived, the reader might expect a quick resolution and capture of the criminals. That didn't happen.

Although I've never had to deal with murders, this story seemed very real, as if it were taken from the files of a real Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

I enjoyed the characters, particularly the unflappable Lucas and his bright daughter, Letty. The villains were truly evil and the reader will hope for their demise.

The setting was also well described and I thought it was terrific how two lovers made the discovery of where there was a black hole that contained the bodies of the killer's victims.

Highly recommended!


Kelly said...

I remember reading some of his other "prey" books years ago and they were quite chilling!

Jennifer Perry said...

I like reading that a character is "Unflapable!"

skkorman said...

Thanks for the review, Mike—I've been reading and loving Sanford's books for decades; he is always a good read!

Stay well!

Michael Draper said...

Hi Kelly, Jennifer and Sheila,
Thanks so much for your comments. I'm smiling as I read them as if we were all together at a coffee shop talking about books and reviews.
Take care and be well.


skkorman said...

You're such a sweetie-pie, Mike—I love visiting your site!


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