Friday, July 11, 2014

Failure to hit a target is usually the fault of the shooter

 In certain books the reader knows early on that they are going to be entertained.
That is the case with "Target America." by Scott McEwen with Thomas Koloniar.

U.S. Navy SEAL Master Chief Gil Shannon and his group are on a special mission.
There are two nuclear bombs that have been smuggled into the U.S. One of them explodes prematurely, in a smuggler's tunnel that ran from the Mexican to the U.S. border. The other bomb must be found and we share in the search.

The terror mounts as Gil searches for the bomb. It is a suitcase bomb so easily hidden. Since there are only a few days before it's set to explode, the reader is on the edge of their seats to see if Gil will succeed.

There are two segments to the story. In one, there is the  search for the bomb. Since officials believe that it is to go off in a matter of days, Gil is permitted to go outside any traditional rules to find it.

The other segment is where a Chechen terrorist wants payback and wants to kill America's number one hero, Gil Shannon. The assassin believes he is at his ranch in Montana and he plans to shoot Gil with a sniper's rifle. In this segment, Gil's wife, Marie, shows incredible guts and determination.

Our hearts beat faster as we learn of two brothers, members of AQAP (Al qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) are behind the planning of the attack and the target. Since they are operating out of Canada, Gil and his boss, Bob Pope, must deal with international reputations to reach the brothers and force them to reveal the target of the bomb.

The characters are well described and the combat scenes very realistic.

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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