Tuesday, July 8, 2014

There aren't many suspects who are innocent of crimes

This suspenseful thriller tells the reader about a K-9 Maggie and her handler, Scott James, a police officer with the LAPD. As much as any character, Maggie is the hero of this novel.

Maggie and her Marine handler, Pete, is on a mission in Afghanistan at the start of the story. Pete is killed and Maggie wounded and taken to medics for treatment.

At a later time, we witness a shootout in Los Angeles where LAPD officer Scott James is wounded and his partner, Stephanie, is killed.

After a period of recuperation, Scott returns to duty and joins the K-9 unit.
He's teamed with Maggie who is reassigned from a military dog to a dog with a police unit. Both Scott and Maggie show the effect of their wounds.

Scott and Maggie have a period of readjustment to each other. It's as if they both have PTSD. What is unusual and grabs the reader's heart is that the remainder of the story is from both Scott's and Maggie's points of view.

Eventually they bond. However, Scott can't forget the shooting and Stephanie's death. He spends much of his time trying to find who was responsible for Stephanie's murder.

There are many levels to the story, on one hand we see the faith and friendship between the K-9 and her handler. We also admire Scott's determination in finding his old partner's killer.

There are a number of surprises and twists that add to the entertainment. The conclusion is well done and after reading it, the reader will want to jump up and cheer.

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