Monday, November 24, 2008

"Chasing Darkenss"

How would you feel if you were a PI and you were able to clear a man from a murder charge and find out that you were wrong and two more people were murdered by the person you helped set free?\
Thus, the premise of "Chasing Darkness" the wonderful book by Robert Crais.
Elvis Cole is back at work and he's visited by two detectives who have just found a man who had been accused of murder but Cole found evidence that allowed the man, Lionel Byrd, to go free. Now Byrd is found as an apparent suicide with a photograph album showing other women that have been murdered, apparently by Byrd.
Something doesn't sit right and the police are hindering his investigation. Cole continues his pursuit of the truth, and uncovers more twists that make this novel a great read.
It will keep your attention and your enjoyment as you see one of the literary masters in the mystery field at his best.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Movie review "The Visitor"

The movie "The Visitor" is recently released to DVD and what a dandy of a story.
The plot centers around Richard Jenkins who is a teacher in CT and has been teaching the same thing for years and is bored.
He has to go to New York to present a paper and meets two young illegals.
They establish an unusual relationship and the Jenkins sees the young man playing the drum. They form a friendship and Richards' life becomes meaningful.
The immigrant is arrested and possible deportation is an issue. The steps Richard takes to help the couple and the boy's mother are enough to touch your heart.
Well Worth the effort. 31/2 stars.

Agent fest

How would you follow up with an agent who asked for the first 50 pages of your manuscript and after you sent it, doesn't get back to you?
Wow it's been over two months. Even sending emails to see if it has been received haven't been answered.
I guess I have to assume that they don't have an interest at this group. Too bad. They should put themselves into the writers shoes and see how it feels.


Just sent in the forms for CrimeBake and look forward to going again this year.

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