Friday, June 28, 2013

Life in the outskirts of small towns in Louisiana.

Elvis Cole is asked to find a TV personality's biological parents.

He travels from LA to Louisiana and a southern land with their own way of doing things.  He learns what he has to with the help of an attractive female attorney, Lucy Chenier, in Baton Rouge.

The family connections to the TV star, Jodi Taylor, make her want to know more of the history of where she was born.

Elvis returns with his partner, Joe Pike, a strong, silent man who is a force within himself. The men learn about drug smuggling and illegal emigrants and a crocked philosophy of life.

A well done story that is original, moves along rapidly and provides excellent suspense.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

"You've gotta have faith and hope." This story tells why


In a fast paced, action packed thriller, a female US helicopter pilot is captured and is being held by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. What is more gruesome is that the Taliban releases a film of the pilot being raped and then use this as the subject of a ransom demand.

There is only so much of a slap in the face that US SEAL Team 6 and Delta Forces fighters will accept.

Led my Navy Master Chief Gil Shannon, a force is assembled to rescue the downed pilot and punish the Taliban members for their crime.

To a former USAF member like myself, I found the book realistically told and included a cast of characters who seemed to be drawn from historical archives with their parts in the story well done.

The raid on the Taliban is done without Presidential authorization because the President seemed to fear on what a failed mission might mean.

The US Military was portrayed as characteristically brave and willing to do whatever is necessary to save a fallen comrade. The Taliban members were a bit prototypical with their arrogance and hatred for anything
associated with the US.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

This will point thriller fans in the right direction


John Knox is a field operator for Rutherford Risk. One influence in accepting various risk assignments is the income they provide, which John needs for the support for his disabled brother.

The novel is complex, as the team of three, Knox, David Dulwich, and Grace Chen take on an assignment to dismantle an operation and rescue young girls forced into unfair labor situations in Amsterdam and having some of the girls sold into prostitution.

Knox leads the team and we observe his generous nature toward providing for his brother but wanting to do what is right. He also recalls an action during the Iraq war where he dragged Dulwich from his flame ripped truck to safety. He and David have continued as friends besides often taking on assignments together.

The third member of the group is Grace Chen, former forensic accountant and a smart, beautiful woman, trained by the Chinese military and someone who believes in the missions that Knox takes on and wants to be part of the group helping with various situations.

The plot takes the reader to the poverty stricken areas of Amsterdam and the vendor stalls where it appears that some of the families having children in forced labor feel that this might be all that is keeping their children alive.

I received this book for free with the idea of writing an impartial review and was happy to learn more about the important topics of forced labor and child prostitution. It was also an eye opener thinking of these young girls in Amsterdam and the situations surrounding them that would make stories like this a possibility.

The author did a good job in describing the action and the characters.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Read on for an entertaining reading experience


If a goal of an author is to write a compelling story, David Thomas Roberts has succeeded.

I found "Patriots of Treason" to be a fresh look at modern politics and the shenanigans that go on in Washington, D.C. in order to keep the leader of a political party in office.

The story tells of a man who is resentful for the U.S. bombing of Iran that killed the man's sister and her family. Her only crime is that she lived near the site of where Iran had nuclear stockpiles.

We learn that the President was behind in the ratings with election day drawing near. He could use a boost in ratings and uses the Iranian threat to gain public support. Later, someone tries to assassinate the president and it is found that the person had a connection to the American Tea Party. This connection is used to create public mistrust for the Tea Party and get rid of a rival who had been gaining momentum.

The characters are realistically drawn and their portrayal made them look as if they had been taken from the pages of the news.  The novel was an exciting read and full of action.


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