Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Father's Sins

Since I'll be having a number of tests at the hospital next week, I wanted to find an author I enjoy and an easy read. I was successful in both with "The Fixer" by Joseph Finder. The only problem is that it's such a good story that I kept reading and finished in a couple of days. Darn.

The novel opens with investigative reporter Rick Hoffman moving into his father's former home. His father suffered a massive stroke years ago and is in a convalescent home - unable to communicate.

Rick is down on his luck, with a break-up with his fiancee and the loss of his job. Now, he decides to renovate the house and maybe sell it for a profit. When he breaks out a wall, he finds neatly bound stacks of money at over three million dollars in value. (Have to admit that as I was reading this part, I checked out the walls in my house wondering...)

His father, Leonard, had been an attorney with a questionable clientele. With Rick's reporting background, he decides to look into his father's past, thinking that there might be a good story that he could write and revitalize his reporting career.

The idea behind the story was sound and as Rick's places the money into various banks, he changes his lifestyle and starts spending the money.

He's noticed by some unsavory characters and a group called TPB - the powers that be and something happens that I won't divulge and spoil the story.

Rick meets an old girlfriend and things begin looking up.

The pace was fast and the story kept me awake at night wanting to see what would happen next.
However, I was never drawn to the leading character and didn't have sympathy for his plight.

3.5 * but not quite 4.


Kelly said...

I hope you find another book to take with you and I hope your test go well, Mike.

Carol N Wong said...

I am like you, have to easy to concentrate book with me when I go for tests. Why is it that the tests all manage to come together in the same month? Good Luck on your results.

Ethan said...
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Ethan said...

This sounds like my kind of book! It seems like the main character brings all of his misfortune on himself, so I see why he could be hard to root for.

skkorman said...

My very best wishes for a good outcome on your tests, Mike!

Sheila K.

Unknown said...

Thanks to my special blogging friends. You make my day nicer and enable me smile as I try not to dwell on my cancer treatment.
I'm a better person due to friends like you.


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