Sunday, January 4, 2015

He's a devil in disguise

I looked forward to reading this book which promised to be a suspenseful debut. The book hit the spot, delivering  the suspense and provided a new voice in literary thrillers.

Ellie Jones is age 21 and a crime reporter for the "Free Press," in Toronto, Canada. She's haunted with the kidnap murder of Lianne Gagnon, her best friend. This happened ten years ago when both girls were age eleven.

Currently with Ellie's job, there is a great deal of publicity surrounding the arrest of Paul Bernardo. He's accused of being the Scarborough Rapist, a serial killer.

As Ellie is examining this case, she checks into the history of young girls who were murder victims. With her interest piqued, she gets on the trail of a chameleon, Robert  Nelson Cameron and his many aliases.

The story is tense as someone begins stalking Ellie and she's not sure where to turn for help. She's learned things about her mother's teenage years when Ellie's mother lived in a communal setting. Her mother admits to knowing Charles Manson and the reader's imagination spirals upward.

Through this dark story, we feel for Ellie's fear mixed with her inquisitive nature and desire to learn what happened to her best friend. There are a number of surprises as Ellie continues her quest.

I enjoyed this story although I felt it could have been shortened. Ellie's boyfriend didn't strike me as a likable character and I wondered about Ellie's attachment to him.

I give the story a 3 * rating and the literary writing 4*s

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