Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mustang shuffle, you better slow your mustang down

Some stories can be scary or romantic or sentimental. "Mustang Shuffle is just plain fun!

Glenn Gillman isn't at his home when a hitman arrives at his house. His friend and fellow prankster, John Yee is at Glenn's house when he's shot and killed. The killer is disappointed to see John's Oriental features and knows he's shot the wrong man. However, he watches CSI so he knows what to do so he won't be caught.

Mistakes happen with many of the characters. Another character is at a restaurant where he used to work, the restaurant manager has a heart attack and when he can't be resuscitated, the character thinks he'll be accused of causing the man's death, so he hides the body in the trunk of his car.

Carl Hamilton is upset when one of his fellow Vancouver City Councilmen complains on TV about Hamilton's missing meetings. Carl decides to have his obedient hitman cut the man's tongue out.

Doug Meier is a popular teacher at a local school. Ryan Coleman is one of his students and a pothead. Ryan thinks Doug looks a little stressed so offers to sell him some weed.

Echo is the alias of the hitman. His girlfriend, Seren has been stealing money from her company and wants one last substantial theft before moving on.

I enjoyed the characters and their dialogue. When I read about one character having two pet crocodiles, I laughed and felt like I was reading one of Elmore Leonard's books.

I received this book from an internet friend, in return for my honest review. I have to tip my hat to my friend for a most enjoyable and fun reading experience.

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