Sunday, January 25, 2015

Terrorist threat

Operatives Pike Logan and his partner, Jennifer Cahill receive a letter terminating their services with Blaisdell Consulting, an umbrella company of their real employer, a counterterrorist unit called the Taskforce. Some governmental officials felt that Pike and Jennifer had gone too far in their last case.

They arrive in Washington and their commander, Col.Kurt Hale ask them for help because his niece is missing. He thinks it's part of some terror operation where a number of children of government officials have been kidnapped.

Hale says he'll pay them privately and that he's worried about Kylie, his niece who is an exchange student in England.

Pike and Jennifer get to work and it's as if Jason Bourne and James Bond were mixed together. There is a complicated plot involving a splinter group of IRA terrorists, a Croatian arms dealer, and Somalia terrorists have combined to plan the capture of the children of government officials for a unique ransome, combined with a jewel robbery and the Somalia's planting a bomb in London.

There's lots of action interspersed with meetings in Washington of the officials who were skeptical of Pike and Jennifer from their past operation. The children of many of these officials are involved and we observe their thoughts.

The novel was very complicated and had to be read slowly to appreciate it. The author is a master of suspense but the action was long in coming and I was growing weary of what would come next.

I enjoyed the story and look forward to another book by Brad Taylor but wish this one ended sooner.

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