Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Strangers in the night

This is the perfect medicine for the reader yearning to be thrilled and entertained. It is absorbing, compelling and filled with richly described characters in a rural setting that seems so real that the reader seems part of the action.

Keye Street, a Chinese American, has a background in profiling with the FBI. She is now a private investigator and is asked by the sheriff of Hitchiti County Georgia to assist in a case involving the kidnapping and murder of two teenage girls.

The bodies of the two thirteen-year-old girls are found off a waterway in the woods. Fishermen noticed a blouse which led officials to the deceased girls. They had been kidnapped and murdered but it was ten years between the crimes.

Characters are introduced and studied to determine if they had any connection with the crimes.
The sheriff's two leading Criminal Investigators resent Keye's intrusion in the case and she has to deal with their resentment while working to find a killer.

Sexual offenders are rounded up and questioned. Various facts about their past comes to light and new crimes are found for some of them.

Williams has been compared to Karin Slaughter with good reason. Their female protagonists are gutsy, independent and determined in their search for criminals and in this case, child predators. Williams also has the ability to give enough evidence to suspect someone, only to have that person exonerated and someone else must be found to investigate. To this reader, it seems realistic as if that would actually happen.

This is the start of the series and I'm definitely hooked. Even though it's only the start of the year, this is the best book I've read in a while. The suspense was terrific and the surprises kept me at the edge of my easy cchair

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