Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Killing unsoftly

When I first read the blurb on Robin Burcell's "The Kill Order," it seemed like a book with lots of action and entertainment. Fortunately, my assumption was correct and this was an action packed, first rate novel.

FBI Special Agent Sydney Fitzpatrick knew her father was involved in the theft of The Devil's Key twenty years ago and murdered as a result. But she didn't know much more.

Now, she rescues a young woman named Piper who possesses an eidetic memory. She read this list of numbers at her friend's home. He purchased a number of computers on sale from the FBI and one of the computers had this code left in the hard drive. Her friend tries to figure it out.

However, his interest kicks off an alert that someone is attempting to penetrate the code and the kill order goes into effect - where anyone attempting to explore this code is killed because the Devil's Key poses a threat to national security. It permits the user to observe private communications on anyone they want. This timely topic adds to my interest in the story.

Sydney and her partner have to protect Piper and learn why the Devil's Key is so important. There is a covert government group called ATLAS and they work together with the FBI against the criminal group wanting the Key for themselves.

I enjoyed the action and the story, Piper is a unique character with her pink hair and facial rings, she is also a pickpocket. Sydney is interesting as a character and we observe her attempting to more to her life with a relationship that is in jeopardy due to her work.

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