Sunday, January 4, 2015

Legal mystery

A young woman named Charlotte King is robbed and murdered in New York. Police are on the scene quickly and get a description of her robber with Charlotte's last breaths. Then they spot a black man running down the street, dressed in the manner in which Charlotte described her attacker. Damon tucker is brought back to the woman and as she lay dying, she seemed to indicate, he was her assailant.

Arch Gold is appointed as the defense attorney. Tucker believes he's being set up and is outraged at his arrest.

Arch looks into Charlotte's past and learns where she worked and then her mother tells Arch that she had been seeing the president of her company, David Yates. Yates owns a PI firm that he expects to go public next year and it could make him millions.

Yates is a sinister character and we, along with Arch, wonder if he killed Charlotte or had her killed but will Arch be able to prove it? Will Damon be found guilty? There are interesting questions that the reader needs to learn for themselves. (I don't want to reveal plot elements).

The story is well written. The author is an attorney and he describes events in a realistic manner. The characters are well described, Arch with his determination and compassion, Damon with his anger and self righteousness.

Well done.

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