Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Young blood, I can't get you out of my mind." Song Lyrics

In southern Minnesota, Robert Tripp, an employee at a grain company, kills, Jacob Flood, a local farmer. When Tripp is questioned by the police, the sheriff is able to break his story and jails him. Then, Tripp is murdered in his cell. The sheriff suspects one of her men, Jim Crocker, is involved. Because of the internal politics, she calls in investigator Virgil Flowers, from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
When Virgil goes to Crocker's home to question him, he finds Crocker murdered and made to look like he committed suicide. Virgil is also informed of a fourth victim, a young teenage girl, Kelly Baker, who was found in a cemetery.
Virgil tries to put the four deaths together. He learns that Tripp was gay and that Baker had some extreme sexual activity and abuse prior to her death. Then he talks to Floods wife.
Flood's wife, Alma, also informs him that Crocker and her husband were childhood friends and that may have given Crocker a reason to want to kill Tripp. Alma also admits that Kelly Baker was a member of their church. Since the church connection was coming up more often, Virgil told Alma that his father was a minister and he quotes verses of the bible to her but she doesn't catch the biblical connection. Sensing a fraud, Virgil begins looking closer at the church connection.
Upon leaving the Flood's home, the reader learns something perverted is going on and soon after Virgil begins unravelling a scenario that is hard for him to believe. There appear to be over a hundred families in this church and they are involved in a mulitgenerational sexual activity that is unheard of.
How will he be able to stop this perversion? The church members won't talk about it and he must find a weak link. Where to look?

This is an extremely well plotted and suspenseful novel that the reader will enjoy. Virgil is a wise cracking character who is also dedicated to finding wrongs and correcting them, however, he doesn't mind some extra curricular activity with the attractive sheriff.
Highly recommended.
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