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"Blue moon, you saw me standing alone without a dream in my heart." Song lyrics

With one of the most frightening things that a person can face, Piper Kincaid is only thirty-years-old when she finds a lump in her breast and learns that she has cancer.

Her best friend, Becca, has been staying with her for support and provide care. However, as the story unfolds, Piper is weak from the effects of cancer and has decided to stop her chemotherapy.

Piper's mother has always been a fee spirit. She worked artistically with glass objects. The family was able to eek out a bare existence with Piper's father's income. Then, he lost his job when the furniture factory closed. He was able to get a seasonal job at a landfill in his Vermont town but his pride and desire were broken.

After a time it seemed that Piper's mother began to live in an imaginary world where everything would turn out right. Piper had a feeling that her mother had emotionally left her already. Suddenly, she may have had too much and one day, when Piper was only fourteen-years-old, her mother left home and disappeared.

Piper's father stopped going to work and spent his time searching for his wife as if he'd find her at a restaurant along the highway. Eventually, he gave up and found someone else and then moved in with his new friend.

Even though Piper has now lost both parents, her older brother, Quinn, is appointed as her guardian and Piper remains philosophical and hopeful. She relates that she dreamed of having a husband "...and the way an infant might feel like a small bird, lying on my chest."

This is a story of loneliness, despair and hope. Just as it seemed that the cancer had spread to Piper's bones, her doctor mentions a bone marrow transplant. It is very expensive and for the first time in ages, Piper begins to feel that she might have a future.

The novel is heartbreaking but wonderfully written. The reader experiences the emotional trama of a young woman who learns that her life is at risk from cancer.

It is a tender story that captures the reader's heart as we are drawn into Piper's life and find ourselves saying a prayer for her.

Can a story this sad be entertaining? T. Greenwood has demonstrated in this novel, that it can.

Congradulations to Jennifer O for winning the free copy of this book. Thank everyone who participated. This was fun and I plan to do so again.



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I would like to be considered for the free book! It sounds real interesting! thanks!


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This book sounds fascinating, going on my list. Thanks for the review Mike. : )

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Hi Mike. I've gone to Amazon, read review, checked off the helpful button, and am now a new follower. I found your blog through Booblogs.

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Yes I would like to be considered for the free book. It sounds interesting and I didn't mind helping you out!

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Hey, Mike!

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Went to your Amazon posts and said YES..great reviews.

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Mike this sounds good! Thanks for sharing about it.

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I've done all of the above and am interested in this book. Thanks Mike!

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