Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"We were more than friends." song lyrics


This is a pleasantly surprising story. I read that it begins with the killing of Bin Laden and thought it would continue with that theme but it is a psychological novel that goes into the thoughts of the two men who gave the U.S. the information on the compound and their ideas of living in peace.

After a U.S. Naval SEAL team killed Bin Laden, members of al-Qaeda discover a detailed map of the inside of the compound where Bin Laden had been living.

This could only mean that there was a traitor in their group and al-Qaeda became intent upon finding out who it was and then punishing them.

The story moves to London whee we meet the two idealistic Palestinians. Malik and Chaudhry. Their handler in British Intelligence is Dan "Spider" Shepherd.

Malik and Chaudhry how terrorism is hurting Pakistan and the worldwide image that people have of Muslims. Both Malik and Chaudhry have dreams, Chaudhry wants to be a physician and help others while Malik intends on going into the restaurant business. In other words, these two young men are very similiar to others at college campuses in England and the United States.

The center of the story is that al-Qaeda intends on a major operation in England. The young men are nervous after Bin Laden's death and wonder if they are suspected of being traitors to al-Qaeda. Shepherd is aware of the danger but feels that he needs them to stay in place so authorities can learn the details of the terrorist operation.

There is a side story where M15 is also working undercover on a group of right wing fanatics who want to purchase guns in some sort of movement to rid England of Muslims.

Even though parts of the story had flaws, I was entertained by reading it. Reading the dialogue of the moderate men of the Muslim faith made me glad that there were people such as this who are striving for peace and friendship between people of different religious faiths.



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Katy S said...

Interesting! The only book I've read by this author is Once Bitten, but I have 3 more on my TBR and another three on my wishlist by him. Despite the fact he's been caught using sock puppets to discuss his books on various fora, I still like his writing style. :-)

Unknown said...

I'm glad, Katy. I've just decided to make this a giveaway and you're automatically added.

JBarr5 said...

hi, thanks for the chance.
I would like to read this for many reasons: the travel intrigues me and the subject matter.
I follow via fb and twitter and emails via google+

email is attached to my login via goggle

Unknown said...

Great review. So happy it turned into a giveaway. Steps 1 & 2 are complete.



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Unknown said...

Congratulations to J. Barrett as the winner. Thanks to everyone for participating.

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