Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Black Horizon made me blue

Jack Swyteck is a trial lawyer honeymooning in Key West when an offshore explosion occurs. Soon, gobs of sticky oil began drifting to the Florida coast.

He's hired to represent a woman whose husband was killed in the explosion. However, he's not sure who to sue since the explosion was in Cuban waters and the oil derrick was owned by a consortium made up of Cuba, Venezuela, China and Russia.

Jack does the research with his sidekick Theo and the banter between these two characters makes up much of the story.

The central characters of Jack, Theo and Jack's wife, Andie went about their business in a dry and steady manner. Andie is an undercover agent for the FBI. However, the action was as if I was reading it from a newspaper and I never felt an urgency to keep turning the pages.

Theo is a complainer and demands much of Jack's time. Eventually he became annoying, like a spoiled child.

There is a scene when Andie has a health issue that was well described. But, overall, even though I'm a fan of Grippando and always look forward to his books, this one just didn't excite me.

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