Saturday, August 9, 2014

Behind the scenes look at Paris pre WWII

This story gives the reader a good view of some of the historic things that were happening in 1938.

Germany was threatening and Franco was winning the war in Spain.

 In Paris, Christian Ferrar was a Spanish emerge who worked for an international law firm. He's recruited to work as an arms purchaser for the Spanish Republic.

He works with Max de Lyon and they travel to dangerous areas, putting their lives in line in places like Czechoslovakia, Russia and Poland. There was interesting facts brought up such as the Condor Legion - German fighters sent to help Franco in Spain and on the other side the International Brigade made up of people from outside of Spain, fighting for the Republic. It seemed hopeless in particular with Nationalist Spain having air power from Germany and the Spanish Republic having little or no air support.

Ferrar finds romance in a meeting with an aristocratic woman who asks his help but there is something beneath the surface.

I enjoyed reading about the gaiety of Paris life while underneath, people were worried about Germany and starting to make plans to relocate if Germany began marching on France.

As enjoyable as the book was, I was left with the feeling that if some of the countries who denied helping the Spanish Republic, such as Great Britain, Russia and France, it might have taken some of the fight out of Germany.

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