Monday, October 6, 2014

Do not forsake me oh my darling

For fans of the novels about the Old West, "The Untarnished Badge," provides a quick and easy read.

The plot seems like old stuff; there is a crooked council running the town and an honest rancher asks for help from the U.S. Marshal's office.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Luke Cochran is sent to help. He finds that the entire town council is crooked and of the two honest members of the group, one is dead and the other missing. He does meet a woman who is the daughter of the missing councilman. She runs a cafe and tells Luke about the despair of honest folk in the town.

The town sheriff is a crook and his deputy is a bully. They are corrupt and when the young woman whose father is missing asks for their help in locating their father, they brush her off.

The man who runs the stable gives Luke the lowdown and Luke makes quick work of the deputy, showing him up as a coward besides being a bully.

After Luke sends and receives a telegram from his boss in Denver, Luke understands what has to be done and when he tells the few honest men in the town, he gets the back-up he needs.

Not a great bit of suspense and little character development but for a quick trip back to the Old West, this provides an interesting escape.


Ethan said...

Hi Mike! I'm so happy to see you are still actively reading and reviewing. I've been on a hiatus, helping my mother fight through cancer as well as working on my masters. Recently I realized how much I missed writing reviews of all the books I've read, so I'm back at it! I hope everything is going well for you and thank you for being a continuous inspiration.


Unknown said...

Glad you're back at your reviews. I missed reading them.
I've been fighting cancer also and just this week got a report from my oncologist that my cancer was dormant. I hope things go as well with your mom, there have been great advances in medicine.

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