Monday, June 8, 2015

Lawrence Block classic

"The Burglar in the Library" is an enjoyable Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery.

This is the second time I've read the story and it has remained enjoyable and entertaining.

Bernie and his companion, Caroline Kaiser, leave New York City and travel upstate New York to a traditional English country house that has been converted to a B & B.

Bernie is a book store owner in New York and knows his mystery writers. He has found that Raymond Chandler, one of the founders of the hard-boiled mystery will be at a friend's home in Connecticut in 1941. Also at the home will be Dashiell Hammett. While together Chandler personalizes a copy of his novel, "The Big Sleep" to Dashiell.

Bernie thinks that the country house he's going to was the same place where Hammett and Chandler were. If that book was left in the library, it would be worth big money.

When they get to the Cuttfield House a severe snowstorm is blowing. Eventually, the house is cut off, and someone cuts the electricity, then the fun begins, someone begins killing the people at the House.

As a mystery fan myself, it was so much fun to hear about Ed McBain, Agatha Christie as well as Chandler and Hammett as characters in a story.

The pace of the story is finely tuned and the book provides constant enjoyment. It's just what that doctor ordered for a patient wanting a good read.


Kelly said...

I love mysteries even though I've never read any of those authors. I need to check this one out more closely!

skkorman said...

I used to devour Block's books but haven't read him in years—you've reminded me what a good read he is!

Sheila K.
skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

Unknown said...

Thanks Kelly and Sheila, You are both so great about stopping by and leaving comments, I do appreciate your interest and our shared feelings about these novels.

skkorman said...

I very much appreciate your honest reviews and passion for books, Mike—it's fun to visit your site!

Sheila K.

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