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Me and my shadow" Lyrics

Beecher White has an ordinary job as a staffer at the National Archives. He has some powerful friends and when the First Lady finds a buried arm in the White House Garden. The dead body is clutching something in his fist, what is the message entailed? The First Lady needs help and the Gulper Ring is there to be of assistance. The Culper Ring is a 200 year old secret society  founded by George Washington to protect the President. In this crisis, Beecher White is the man they call upon.

President Wallace was never a fan of the Culper Ring but now he needs their help. The first question is who buried the arm and how did it get there? In addition, whose arm is it? The Secret Service check back to who might have been able to place the arm there and a connection is made with the Marine Band and someone with a name that connects to Lee Harvey Oswald and a fake ID he had on the day of Kennedy's assassination..

An excellent puzzler, Beecher investigation aided by Marshall Lusk, Beecher's oldest and closest friend who is a flawed but excellent character..

The story goes back and forth in time to when an experiment was under way at Fort Still. Beecher is included in the investigation because there in something that was in the hand of the buried man that connects with Beecher's own father's death.

This story follows the action in "The Inner Circle" and "The Fifth Assassin." The series is best read from the start and follow a map or list of just who the characters are. I enjoyed the story and seeing what was happening with the characters. One character who was Beecher's first girlfriend in grammar school and gave him his first kiss, this girl is dealing with a serious illness and since I am too, it was hard to go through the parts and attempt to keep a reader's distance. The conclusion of this book had me wondering and trying to guess if there were better ways to end a book. But, who am I to say?

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Thanks for the review, Mike—I love Meltzer's work!

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