Friday, January 15, 2016

On my word of honor..." Lyrics

Lt. Ben Tyson is a good teacher and leader of men in Viet Nam.

During the fierce fighting around the Tet Offensive, there is an incident at a civilian hospital where his men kill a number of civilians and vow never to talk about it.

Years later, Tyson is an established businessman and he's called back to active duty to face a military tribal for misconduct.

DeMille tells a good story as Tyson's men are being killed and finally reach the breaking point and shoot back. Now it seems that he has to pay for their actions.

Ben continues to show his honor as the case comes to trial and we see the result on his family as his son, a senior in high school, has to take abuse because of Ben.

I'm a Vietnam era  military man who spent my time in the U.S. but enjoyed this story and what seemed the reality of the story and it's effects on Ben and the surviving men in his military unit.

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