Saturday, June 16, 2007

Movie review :"Seraphim Falls"

Rented "Seraphim Falls" and spent two hours and forty minutes in front of the TV wondering why.

This movie should have been named "Much a doo about nothing."

The Civil War is three years in the past and Gidean (Pierce Brosnan) has walked away from the horrors of the war and become a trapper in the west.

Carver (Liam Neeson) has hired a band of cowboys and is trailing Giean to seek revenge for what Gidian did to Carver's family.

Let the farce begin. Gidian is wounded by Carver's men but survives after falling into an icy rapides while dressed in his fur coat and winter boots. Still able to escape from the rapids, he starts a fire, removes the bullet and catarizes the wound, then lays shivering in the snow not thinking that the smoke might reveal his presence to the hunters.

The plot seems like a poor man's "How the West Was Won." Gideon travels past a religious group in a wagon train, Chinese builing a railroad, bank robbers and a lone Indian guarding a well in the desert.

Mors astonishing is the appearance of Anjelica Huston as a medican woman in the middle of the desert to offer to Gidean and later Carver the one thing they need (for their soles).

Rating D

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