Monday, June 18, 2007

Review of "The Highly Effective Detective"

Imagine if Chris Farley was still with us and decided to open his own detective agency?
Richard Yancey's "The Highly Effective Detective," shows us a main character with just the characteristics that I picture as the very funny Farley.
Our hero, Teddy Ruzak, fails out of the police academy because he, can't shoot, can't drive and can't run fast enough. But, when he receives money from his mother's life insurance, to quit his job as a night watchman and follow his dream by opening a detective agency.
After renting some office space his first step is to hire his favorite waitress, Felicia to be his secretary and run his office.
It's a lucky choice. Felicia is everything that Teddy is not - - she's organized practical, and smart. She takes control, redecorates the office, sees to Teddy's updating his wardrobe and keeps Teddy in step as a beginning detective.
Teddy's first customer wants to hire him to find the driver of a car that he saw kill six baby geese while they were crossing the street in front of the elderly customer. Since the car never slowed down or tried to avoid killing the geese, Teddy's customer wants him found and punished.
Of course, one thing leads to another and the investigation leads to a grisly murder.
A very enjoyable read, like sitting on your front porch on a summer day, moving back and forth on your rocking chair and discussing neighborhood gossip.
Rating B+

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