Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Explicitly detailed murder mystery

This lengthy first mystery tells about an investigative journalist who learns that his gay brother has been murdered. The brother, Billy, was an artist who liked to paint pictures of men in a pornographic manner.

Philip, the protagonist, decides to look into his brother's past. As he does, we learn of their mother, a successful artist and her agent, Uncle Adrian who exploited her and initiated both boys in sexual activity.

Police learn that a friend of Billy's was found murdered in Bermuda and that a person went into Billy's room at the hospital and did something to his computer. Police feel that what this man was looking for makes Philip in danger so they give him a protection detail.

It turns out that Adrian liked being the agent for artists with young male children so he could manipulate the artist and seduce the boys.

Philip has flashbacks to his and his brother's childhood when he remembers being initiated into sexual activity by Uncle Adrian. These details are told in explicit manner and in my opinion, don't add to the suspense of the story.

Uncle Adrian was doing more that manipulating artists to seduce their children. Philip tries to trap him into coming to where an art treasure is hidden. The conclusion of which was well done.

The author is a story teller and the book is extremely long and from the art point of view, well researched. I enjoyed the suspense and the connections that Philip found with the children of other artists. The story was well done but outside of my comfort zone.

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