Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'll be your king, dilly dilly, you'll be my queen.

I've been a fan of David Baldacci since reading his novel, "Absolute Power."

In "King and Maxwell" the story is tightly knit with the heroes finding a teenage boy running down the road with a gun. They learn that the boy is distraught because there are military men at his home to inform him that his dad was killed in Afghanistan.

King and Maxwell are former Secret Service agents and want to help the teen since the boy refuses to believe that his father is dead. When the boy learns that they are PIs, he wants to hire them to look into his father's case.

In a subplot, we learn that the boy's father, Sam Wingo, was delivering something in Afghanistan and something went wrong. He is accused of taking the cargo and he feels that he was set-up.

King and Maxwell show their intelligence and make headway but are warned off the case by military police and a man from homeland security.

The story unfolds gradually as we learn of the person who hatched the plot but not his name. The author does a good job of keeping the man's motives a mystery.

The author's talent for story telling is evident and the characters ring true but are somewhat stereotypical.


Kelly said...

My husband has read and enjoyed several books by this author.

Laurie C said...

I keep meaning to try one of David Baldacci's books to see what they're like, but I hate stereotypical characters!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly and Laurie,
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my blog. I appreciate it.
Kelly, "King and Maxwell" is a book I think your husband would enjoy it's just that the characters seem typical for their responses and who the villains were.

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