Monday, May 5, 2014

Children are our future. Teach them well.

In a lonely area outside of Coverton, someone finds a body on a disused railroad track. Authorities learn his name was Gavin Miller and he led a quiet almost hermit like life. However, though the man had little money and was behind on his mortgage, he had five thousand pounds with him when he died.

In a two tiered investigation, led by Det. Chief Inspector Alan Banks and his colleague DI Annie Cabbot, it is learned that Miller was a college teacher. He resigned in disgrace due to charges of sexual misconduct brought by two of his students. This took place four years ago.

Investigators also look into Miller's history and learn that he was a student at a university that was a hotbed for protests and political controversy 40 years ago.

Banks and his team look at both scenarios and the reader tries to determine which area might produce Miller's killer. But how would it tie into events of either four, or forty years in the past? Banks and his team get right to the investigation but as he is making headway, he's warned to stay away from a woman who might be a suspect. The woman's family has political connections and Banks' superiors don't want him to ruffle any feathers.

Peter Robinson does a good job in setting the mood. We feel sympathy for Miller who went from a college professor who was liked, to a reclusive man practically destitute.

I enjoyed the characters who were well portrayed. The setting of rural England was also vivid. The conclusion is masterful, making the story something that will remain in the mind of the reader.


Kelly said...

This one sound like it might be quite interesting.

Man of la Book said...

Sounds like an interesting book, great name.

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly and Zohar,
Thanks for stopping in on my blog and for your comments.


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