Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easy reading family intrigue

In this tender story, Eva has been married to Jackson for a short time when they travel to Dorset. Jackson decides to go fishing on a windy day and is swept off the jetty and his body isn't recovered.

After a period of mourning, in England, Eva decides that she wants to travel to Tasmania to meet Jackson's family. She believes that she could learn more about Jackson's past and perhaps  mourn together.

Although Jackson's father never returned her calls, she goes to his home. His reception is cold and he explains that his son is dead and that it would probably be better if she left. Not giving up, Eva travels to Jackson's brother's home on Wattleboom Island.

After meeting Saul and getting to know him, she learns that the man she had grown to love was not the man he claimed to be. At first, Saul is aloof but eventually he begins to care for Eva and through him, she learns that her marriage was built on lies. The history that Jackson claimed was his own, was actually that of Saul.

We see her sadness at the loss of her husband and the destruction of the man she thought she knew.
Eva stays in a small cottage near Saul's home. He teaches her about freediving and she is transported into the love of the deep sea and the tenderness who works as a marine biologist.

The story remains intensely readable as we hope that Eva can find happiness and the power to deal with past lies.

There are numerous surprises as she learns more of Jackson's life in Tasmania. The more she learns about Jackson, the more deceitful he seems but Saul, whose life Jackson was describing is more the man she thought she was marrying.


Man of la Book said...

Sounds like a fascinating book.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Zohar. I'm always glad to read your comments and I'm happy you stopped by.

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