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Judge not less you be judged. Bible proverb.


Did you ever wonder about the background of some of the judges who pass judgment on others?

In "Grant of Immunity" Danny Hart was a teenager who was talked into joining his friend Snake for a night of fun. Danny was age fifteen. He used to babysit for the two little children of Snake's girlfriend, Sarah. On this night, Snake was showing off and after smoking a bit of weed, things got rough. Snake made sexual demands of Sarah and Danny wanted no part of it but Snake threatened to cut her if Danny didn't agree. By the end of the night, Sarah had been murdered by Snake and he had a knife with Danny's prints on it.

Years later, Jake is a Marine vet and had worked for the Chilean secret police. He has joined the police department and is a sergeant in the patrol department using his position to demonstrate power and make women submit to his cruel desires. He pulls women over for minor or made up traffic violations and then forces them to do what he wants.

The reader hopes someone will stand up to him but his victims are chosen for their submissiveness and are intimidated. We have seen crooked police on the TV show, The Shield and are familiar with some characters in Joseph Wambaugh novels so the reader doesn't know what to expect.

Not to reveal plot, Snake (John Babbage) finally picks a woman to exercise his power over but after beginning to have his way with her, he gets a radio call from the department and has to leave.
Later, this person reports him and the drama boosts up.

A case goes to court and Danny Hart is now a judge and he and Babbage have a confrontation.

The plot is very realistic and the author who has over fifteen years of judicial experience, weaves an exciting, fast moving and realistic plot that is hard to put down.

In a case of good against evil, Hart takes a stand but how will he come out of this?  The courtroom action and the behind the scenes moves by the prosecution and defense make this a story that will be hard to put down.  The ending took a bit to reach the finale but otherwise I felt that this was an excellent read and totally recommend it.

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