Monday, April 6, 2015

"We'll sing in the sunshine, we'll laugh every day." Lyrics

During WWII, an amphibious landing site is established off Florida's Gulf.

Post Executive Officer is Maj. Goodwin a crusty vet who received a battlefield commission during WWII.  Goodwin understands how to get things done and how to deal with military officials and dignitaries.

The reader is there at the birth of the military camp. M/Sgt. Bullock is in charge as the soldiers depart their trains and are transformed from raw recruits into soldiers who will participate in the battles that will win the war. We experience their lives prior to arriving at the military camp and learn some of their dreams. In this, I was reminded to Leon Uris's excellent novel, "Battle Cry," as Marines go through training and prepare for action in the South Pacific.

Since the base is in the south and it has a number of Negro soldiers, we see some of the Klan activities and how rural citizens dealt with Northern Negroes who were in the military and the difficulties in integrating the U.S. Army.

Historical figures also make their appearances, from Carol Lombard to Gen. Omar Bradley and Glenn Miller whose music allows many of the soldiers to put the thoughts of battle aside and enjoy the charm of the music and local girls who they met at various CSOs.

There was good character development and charming characters mixed in with a story that entertained.

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