Monday, January 4, 2016

Desire to help

It appears that John Gresham saw the success of Michael Connelly's "Lincoln Lawyer" so decided to have his own attorney working out of his car.

In "Rogue Lawyer" Sebastian Rudd works out of his bulletproof van. His driver is his bodyguard and is Rudd's only friend.

In this work, he goes through the process of defending a number of people who no one else wanted to defend. One of his defendants is an eighteen-year-old tattooed, brain damaged social outcast.

His next case involves defending a crime lord who had killed a judge. When Rudd takes on this case, the man is on death row after being sentenced to death.

Maybe he needed more excitement because the next case he takes on is defending a homeowner arrested for shooting at a SWAT team who had mistaken this man's home.

Rudd is a knowledgeable, wise cracking attorney who most people accused of crimes would want on their side.

However, neither Rudd nor many of his characters are described enough to create sympathy from the reader. In most cases, I didn't care of Rudd won the case or not.

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