Sunday, January 17, 2016

Love, love is strange." Lyrics

Back in the day, times were different. Much so in prim and proper Boston of 100 years ago.

It's 1905 and the reader can picture the family reaction when Fremont Jones graduates from Wellesley . Thinking of Fremont as a prim daughter of Boston society would be wrong. Fremont wanted more out of life and moved to San Francisco to become a private investigator. She was always inquisitive and self starting and thought this would be a natural outlet for her talents.

As she opens her agency, she meets an author who writes in a style of Arthur Conan Doyle but better because, he states, his stories are true.  She also meets a Chinese man who wants a document drawn.

Soon after, the papers tell of the death of the Chinese man and more adventures follow.

There is a good view of San Francisco in 1905 and the realistic writing practically speaks for itself.

This is a story that should entertain courageous young women without a lot of violence.

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