Thursday, May 2, 2013

A fun read about a woman who helps run a bookstore.

A man enters a bookshop where Jill is filling in for the owner and the man wants to sell a signed edition of a Jack London book.

Jill verifies the author's signature and buys the book for more than the man was asking.

Later, another book seller enters the store and asks if there's anything new and after Jill shows him the book, he buys it.  Jill has made a nice profit and calls the man she's been speaking to about buying a Honda and tells him she's ready to go ahead with the deal.

However, the man who first sold the book, who is a dwarf, returns to the store and tells her it was a mistake and wants his book back. She tells him she's already sold it and the dwarf returns with a man who tries to intimidate Jill.

The remainder of the story tells about Jill trying to locate find the man who bought the book, getting involved with a man making a film and Jill dealing with unscrupulous people in a lighthearted manner.

Jill is definitely a unique character and the story is fun to read.

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